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1st World Sepsis Congress

8.-9. September 2016 • Webkonferenz


The 1st World Sepsis Congress is a free global not-for-profit online congress and brings over 70 worldwide experts on sepsis, infectious diseases and microbiology, together. Among them: Derek Angus, Michael Bauer, Thierry Calandra, Deborah Cook, Jon Cohen, Luciano Gattinoni, Margret Herridge, Oliver Kurzai, Steven Opal, Didier Pittet, Peter Pronovost, Kevin Tracy, Jean-Louis Vincent and key representatives of the CDC, WHO and Medecines Sans Frontieres. Several sessions are dedicated to quality improvement and state of the art of sepsis diagnosis and management.

The opening session with H. Braun, Minister of State, Germany, M.-P. Kieny, Assistant Director-General, WHO, A. Steiner, Under-Secretary General United Nations, is just one of the many highlights of this event.

It takes place completely online on September 8th and 9th, 2016. Participation is free of charge and requires only a short registration prior.

As of to date more we received more than 4000 registrations from over 100 countries. You definitely must not miss this event including its opening

For more information and registration visit

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