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Antigen Processing and Presentation in Health and Disease

15. – 16. 11.2012


Parc-Hotel Alvisse, Luxemburg


In TAP deficiency, MHC class I-mediated antigen presentation is nearly abolished, leading to a reduced number of CD8+ T cells and hyporesponsive NK cells. The “proteasome, TAP, MHC class I” pathway is crucial for the presentation of self and non-self-peptides to cytotoxic CD8+ T lymphocytes, and also for the presentation of self-motifs to NK cells.

Extracellular antigens which are taken up by antigen presenting cells will follow, in contrast, an “endosomal digestion – MHC class II” pathway of peptide presentation to naïve T cells or in different settings to a variety of polarized helper T cells or regulatory T cells. This pathway is of major importance in cellular and humoral immune responses.

Thus, antigen processing and presentation are critically involved in immune homeostasis but also in defense against infectious diseases, in allergic and autoimmune reactions and also in tumor immunology, which means that they are central to many widespread old (in particular infections) and modern (in particular allergies) diseases. They are mostly beneficial during infections, often compromised in tumors which escape the immune response, and inappropriate and exaggerated in allergic reactions.

The conference therefore aims, in addition to the topic of TAP deficiency, to give an overview of recent developments in fundamental aspects of antigen processing and presentation but also in the context of (i) allergic diseases, (ii) tumor biology and immunotherapy, and (iii) infectious diseases and vaccines. This rather broad spectrum covers most aspects of the problem and the conference is therefore of interest for immunologists, tumor biologists and allergologists, from both the fundamental and the clinical aspects of the topic.

Invited Lecture:
Prof. Dr. Hortense Slevogt, ZIK Septomics Jena
The role of CEACAM1 and CEACAM8 for regulating innate immune responses in the human airways.

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